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A Leading Barber Supply, Authorized Clipper Repair & Expert Shear Sharpening Destination Serving The Las Vegas Community for Over 40 years

Welcome to Sharp Shop Vegas

Sharp Shop Vegas has been a family-owned and operated barber supply shop since 1977. We specialize in professional hair clipper repair and master shear sharpening services. Our experienced staff is here to help you find the right product for your needs and provide you with helpful advice. We pride ourselves on carrying a wide selection of barber supplies from top brands all around the globe.


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  • How often should I oil my clipper or trimmer blades?
    If your a professional at least 2 drops of oil every 2 or 3 clients. If not a professional and only using the machine on yourself at least 1 time before each use. Remember oil is your friend your blades will stay running smooth and stay cool for longer periods of time when properly using clipper oil reguarly.
  • When is it time to sharpen my shears and clipper blades?
    1. Not cutting anymore 2. Start pulling hair 3. Missing teeth on blades and if there is an obvious nick on shears 4. When dropped because sometimes this will cause a tooth to get bent which will usually result in a loud metallic sound when clipper is running.
  • Can my Wahl clipper be repaired?
    Yes most Wahl Clippers can be fixed depending on how old it is. Usually we have parts in stock for the Magic Clip, Designer, Senior, 5 Star Senior, Icon, Legend, and Balding Clippers.
  • My Oster 76 just stopped running or is cutting in and out when moving it up or down?
    The first thing you should check is the carbon brushes located toward the bottom half on each side of the clipper. When the carbon brushes start getting worn out replacing them will usually fix this problem.
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